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LUMEAL is a concealed-opening slider offering minimalist lines and only 68 and 77mm aluminium visible, around 35 % less visible structure. This slim design gives 8 to 14 % more glazed area according to the applications, as well as a Sw of 0.48. LUMEAL concealed opening sash is a new concept totally different from the traditional sliding window to create new sash / frame combinations . It is therefore possible to produce asymmetrical 1-leaf + fixed frames, with a large section fixed and an opening section the size of a door without increasing the amount of visible aluminium. LUMEAL is designed to manufacture large sliding systems, up to L 4.50m x H 2.70m with 2 or 3 rails and up to 250kg per leaf. LUMEAL patio-door threshold allows an easier access, conform to European standards and maintaining the sealing performance. Locking mechanisms The locking system integrated in the fixed frame is not accessible from the exterior in order to improve security. Three exclusive-design handles which discretely merge into the visual perception of the sliding sashes. Performance LUMEAL exceptional performances are equivalent to a casement frame: Thermal performances: Uw = 1,4 W/m².K for a 2 leaves patio-door Air – Water – Wind performances : A4-E5A-VB3 Conformity with the air permeability criteria for BBC labelling buildings Using concealed opening technology, LUMEAL boasts an acoustic performance that far exceeds that of conventional-design sliding windows: Up to 37dB (Ra, Tr) for a 1-leaf patio door + 1 fixed frame Motorization The LUMEAL product range proposes a motorized option to answer to accessibility and design customers’ requirements. Fully integrated to the slider, LUMEAL with motorized option saves its same high performance and aesthetic. User comfort and security: Large dimensions (frames up to 4 meter long) Easy and noiseless lateral displacement (speed around 0.15m/s) In case of obstacle, the door stops and goes back to release Possibility of manual handling in case of power cut

SOLEAL is the universal slider; it is the new benchmark product on the market thanks to its features and many applications and options. Whether it’s a new build or renovation, from the simplest to the most complex project, the SOLEAL slider offers a suitable solution every time. Multiple application Slider based on 55 mm module with a 20 mm thermal break. Multiple applications from 2 to 4 tracks, from sliding-sash pocket window to 3-track composite pocket window frames. The installation and cladding environments are the same as for SOLEAL casements and doors. Performance Soleal slider is designed follow changes in the market: French 2012 standard, air permeability criteria for low consumption buildings, and acoustic requirements. Exceptional performances: Uw up to 1.4 W/m².K, Sw: 0.45 and TLw: 0.59* * These values are obtained with double glazing rated at 1.0 W/m² °K and insulating spacer measuring W 4.3 m x H 2.6 m Accessibility An addition to the frame, comprising an (external) access ramp and a special heat shield (between tracks), enables a disabled access. This option can be provided for new build or renovation work, in all SOLEAL slider applications. Refined aesthetic design Fine, discreet lines contributing to the window’s performance, with an emphasis on natural light (visible frames reduced to 103 mm around the edge, 33 mm on central mullions and 136 on 4-leaf central meeting stile). Detailed design allowing concealed drainage for all applications. SOLEAL corner sliding system In order to respond to contemporary architecture's current trend towards more light and transparency, SOLEAL corner sliding system allowing us to completely do away with masonry. This slider can be used for internal as well as external corners. A custom-designed profile allows the two lateral mullions on the two leaves to form a corner when closed. The reinforced opening sashes create a transparent envelope thanks to large, full-height openings: - H. 2.5 m x L. 4 m, in 2 lots of 2 leaves on 2 tracks, - H. 2.5 m x L. 6 m, in 2 lots of 3 leaves on 3 tracks. All the technical characteristics of the SOLEAL range are applied to the corner sliding system • 2 or 4 locking points with or without key lock. • Lower track embedded to facilitate disabled access. • Full-access applications available up to 3 tracks, and base chassis up to 4 tracks. Large sizes The design is suitable for large sizes, taking greater advantage of available dayligh