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Mould affects not only the outward appearance of your rooms but also your health due to the toxic mould spores. The main reasons for mould growth generally are deficient thermal insulation, bad construction, missing ventilation planning, improper interior insulation and an increased level of humidity (residual moisture from construction or wrong ventilation habits). In order to solve this problem Prizma Winsol Pvt. Ltd. developed self-regulating ventilation systems that control the air exchange in accordance with the environmental conditions and by this means provide fresh and hygienic air while keeping energy consumption low.

Basic Air Plus - meets current insulation standards, for example the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) - provides ventilation for moisture protection as per standard DIN 1946-6 - sound insulation up to sound transmission class IV (42 dB) - no manipulation of gaskets - applicable in all Prizma Winsol Pvt. Ltd. centre gasket systems (IDEAL 5000®, IDEAL 8000® and the corresponding energeto® versions) - high air passage values as of 2 Pa wind pressure - increased burglary resistance due to strong interior profile wall in the frame profile - automatic air exchange - suitable as vent opening for fresh air in the case of exhaust air systems - self-regulating combustion air supply for gas/oil furnaces and open fireplaces (calculation required) - installed between the upper frame and sash and hence invisible when the window is closed - ventilation opening is possible not only in the frame or sash but also in the transverse mullion - heat transfer coefficient up to Uf = 0.82 W/mĀ² - diving rain resistance up to class E 750

REGEL-air SPECIAL FEATURES: High air passage values in pressure differences ranges of up to 20 Pa Automatic lowering control in the main weather range from 20 to 40 Pa Sound insulation up to sound transmission class IV (42 dB) YOUR ADVANTAGES - excellently suited for the most frequently occurring pressure rations between 4 and 60 Pa - provides an optimum room climate - REGEL-air® can be used as an inlet air as well as an outlet air system REGEL-air® is only fitted in the upper area of the window - the fresh air fed into the lower area of the profile from outside, rises upwards between the sash and the window frame via the ventilator and reaches the room as pre-warmed air - draughts do not occur, as the feed air is led directly via the ventilation system and via the upper sash sealing level under the ceiling - there, the fresh air fed-in mixes with the unused warmer room air. This ventilates the rooms effectively and in an energy-saving manner - the REGEL-air ventilation system can be fitted easily in windows that are already in place